Proposal and Feasibility Studies

In the volatile Oil and Gas market of today, it is essential that clients plan for any contingencies and future products to maintain a competitive advantage. Economic viability of a project hence becomes an important step. This becomes especially crucial when the projects are small-scale, and any process deviation can lead to potential losses for the client. We strive to help our clients make informed decisions about their prospects by providing proposals and detailed feasibility studies.

Our analysis includes a thorough detail of their existing system, with an emphasis on the equipment and its limitations. For retrofits, our team attempts to find the best synergy between the new design objectives and the existing equipment through process modifications and innovative technologies such as our DWC Prime. The study also includes information on the necessary equipment modifications or changes and the economic cost of the retrofits along with a preliminary utility consumption.A preliminary cost estimation can be done either by Team DWC or the clients’ own estimators.Once a client is confident about the scoping study and the possible economic impact of the client, Team DWC strives to further build the confidence by engaging client in a basic engineering design package.