Energy Optimization

The Oil and Gas Sector is an ever-evolving industry with new products and services being developed on a yearly basis, based on crude availability and characteristics. There is a focus on energy and process optimization with an intention to lower the carbon foot print. New environmental regulations require that refiners to plan well to keep their operations running efficiently.

Team DWC is committed to help our clients develop sustainable long-term solutions. Our experience in process optimization and control enables us to provide solutions and tools to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions. We aim to improve your refinery’s overall profitability and throughput by optimizing entire process units through improved heat integration with our DWC Prime technology.

Our highly experienced team first identifies units that can benefit from our innovative DWC Prime product without sacrificing throughput or yield. This is followed by a thorough analysis to identify new heat sources for possible heat integration.

Team DWC uses proprietary tools for monitoring and identifying areas of improvement. Through a detailed simulation model, we look at potential scenarios and test the process limits of existing equipment. We evaluate stand-alone columns as well as larger units with multiple columns to determine the best process configuration to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Our practical methodology allows us to find a synergy between the value and cost of the improved heat recovery and product quality. Through robust simulation models and engineering, we design practical solutions to save about 20-50% in energy and capital investment. Our technical solutions help the refinery sustain the benefits, introduce new products and meet their performance objectives over time.