CS2 Removal from Petrochemical Naphtha

Economical removal of trace impurities is a big challenge in today’s refining and petrochemical complexes. One such challenge in today’s scenario is the CS2 contamination which is limiting the feed stock flexibility of petrochemical naphtha (PCN). Presence of CS2 in PCN causes corrosion in downstream units of cracker and also reduces activity of hydrogenation catalysts.

DWC Innovations has successfully implemented dividing wall column (DWC) technology in meeting CS2 limit of less than 2 ppm in PCN Product. The DWC can be retrofitted in existing naphtha splitter or depentanizer column.

Benefits of using DWC Prime for CS2 removal from PCN Product

  • Conventional approach uses naphtha hydrotreating unit (NHT) for CS2 removal. PCN product is produced in DWC Prime. NHT unit is off loaded as it now treats concentrated CS2 sidecut stream.
  • DWC Prime also produces premium gasoline product to further boost the revamp profitability.
  • Dividing wall column is energy efficient and uses LP steam as heating medium.
  • DWC Prime has significantly lower CAPEX than other available adsorption based processes.