Food/Polymer Grade Hexane

Isomerization process has gained importance across the globe because of its capability of upgrading the octane number of naphtha fractions. Isomerization units are also used to produce more valuable naphtha fractions like Food grade hexane (FGH). A typical isomerization process requires separation using a three cut deisohexanizer (DIH) column producing high octane light & heavy isomerate products along with a low octane recycle stream back to the Isomerization reactor.

Dividing wall column technology converts a conventional deisohexanizer column to produce an additional 4th cut consisting of valuable C6 products listed below:

  • FGH
  • Polymer grade Hexane (PGH)
  • Isohexane
  • Special boiling point spirit

The conversion of DIH column to DWC Prime offers the following benefits:

  • Provides an additional source of revenue by producing Food grade hexane.
  • Increase in fresh feed to the Isomerization unit. The total octane barrel will increase by upto 25%.
  • Preserves the existing RON of the Isomerization Unit
  • No additional plot space or requirement of new columns
  • 50% lower energy consumption when compared to available C6 production processes from other processes like naphtha dearomatization.
  • Applicable for grassroots or revamp projects.
  • Payback in revamp projects is 2-10 months.

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