Ben Prime (Benzene Saturation)

DWC Innovations offers a cost effective solution to manage benzene in the gasoline pool. Ben Prime helps to meets stringent regulatory requirements by benzene saturation when the processing of the benzene rich stream is difficult due to geographical location or economic constraint.

Applications of Ben Prime

  • Overhead stream of a naphtha splitter as an alternative to C5-C6 isomerization unit.
  • Benzene saturation downstream of the reformate product after it is formed in CCR unit.
  • Value added products with very low benzene product specifications such as the food / pharma / polymer grade hexane.

Benefits of saturating benzene using Ben Prime

  • Reliable solution through hydrogenation of benzene.
  • Feedstock flexibility.
  • Lower foot print with reduced equipment size.
  • Ben Prime uses dividing wall technology for concentrating the benzene in C6 cut to the reactor. Revamp of an existing reformate splitter to DWC Prime increases the throughput of benzene saturation unit by more than 30%.
  • Long catalyst life.
  • Simple equipment with reactor operating in liquid phase with highly active catalyst followed by a stabilizer.
  • High catalyst selectivity.
  • Benzene saturation as high as 99.9%.
  • Minimum impact on overall octane.
  • Modular options are available for construction.