Introduction to Dividing Wall Columns : CEP

DWC Innovations / 25 March, 2021 / Articles

This article provides an introduction to Dividing wall columns (DWCs). These distillation columns can separate mixtures of several components into three or more high-purity streams. A DWC requires much less energy, capital investment, and plant space than conventional columns in series or parallel configurations. In fact, DWCs can have 20–30% lower capital cost requirements than conventional tower designs.

Conventional distillation columns are an integral part of the refining and chemical industries. Introduction of dividing wall columns for revamp of existing columns to improve separation efficiency is part of a larger push to intensify processes in these industries. Process intensification (PI) targets dramatic improvements in cost and energy efficiencies by rethinking traditional operation schemes. A DWC is one example of an intensified technology. Read more..