DWC Prime over comes the limitation of conventional distillation sequences. Unlike regular columns, Dividing wall columns have defining single or multiple walls that create different fractionation zones inside a single column shell. These walls aim to reduce the intrinsic remixing of components that occur in conventional columns. DWC Prime achieve higher thermodynamic efficiencies than their counterparts, making them more energy efficient than conventional towers. The sketch depicts the simplified view of a typical middle wall DWC Prime column. The column is segregated into four sections:

  • Top Common Section: The internal layout resembles the conventional column. The lightest components are separated from the intermediate components.
  • Prefractionation Section: This zone in the column where the feed is introduced works to effectively separate the heaviest and the lightest key.
  • Main Section: The middle boiling components are concentrated in this zone. This rectifying zone exists on the other side of the wall, where the side stream is withdrawn.
  • Bottom Common Section: The heavy components are separated from the intermediate components.

The DWC Prime column will have proprietary (external / internal) liquid splitting mechanism on top of the dividing wall. The vapor split at the bottom of dividing wall is carefully designed through pressure drop on either side of the wall.

Aided by the different separation zones by using single or multiple walls, the purity of the three or more product streams is higher than the conventional tower sequence at the similar heat duties. Rigorous simulations, robust modelling and exclusive plant data helps our team to stay ahead of our competitors and develop new technologies to revolutionize this niche.