Successful Commissioning of World's First Commercial Application of Dual Dividing Wall Column at BPCL, Mumbai

DWC Innovations / 05 May, 2023 / Press Release

Houston, TX: DWC Innovations announces the successful start-up of its DAS Splitter Dual Dividing-Wall-Column (DDWC) at BPCL’s Mumbai refinery.

This is a grassroot Dividing wall column project done at BPCL, Mumbai as part of revamp of their Lube Oil Base Stock (LOBS) unit.

The DAS (Dearomatized Solvent) Splitter DDWC is capable of producing different grades of lubricants: D40, D80, D110, D130 & MBL which would typically be produced in a sequence of three columns. The wide operational flexibility makes the DWC Prime handle a variety of feed and product scenarios justifying its benefits of lower equipment count, lesser plot space along with savings in OPEX and CAPEX

This column is also the world’s first commercial application of dividing wall column with multiple walls.

Previously, DWC innovations had successfully commissioned dividing wall column revamp of a series of naphtha splitting columns producing feed for isomerization and CCR units at BPCL, Mumbai.